Monday, February 4, 2013

Digital Project Life 2013: Week Four

Another week of January done! I am finding I am becoming more and more addicted to Instagram, it seems I have a few more images to include from that app each week. 

Are you getting bored of me using the same title card each week? Don't worry, I have a plan :) To go along with my goal of more uniformity this year, I decided to use one title card for each month. So for February you will see a different pattern, and then in March another one, and so forth. 

This week was a pretty typical week for us; food, work, school, work, etc. Even though it is just everyday life, I love how this layout came together! Beware: more text than usual. I won't mind of you skim or pass on by, but just want to have it there in case someone wants to know a little more about the photos.

Left Side: 
The week started out pretty rough with a 12 hour work day and a 12 hour period of call directly after that. The only thing I could photograph were the beautiful mini roses by our computers at work. It's funny how a quick picture like that can become one of my favorites of the whole layout, it is not often that you find flowers in January!

It definitely got really cold! I am so thankful that I am able to have a job that involves working inside.

I find it funny that on this side I have a picture of delicious cookies then on the very next page I have a whole journaling card dedicated to how I am feeling kind of chubby this winter. Huh, wonder why? :)

I am trying to be a little more creative with my food photos so on this side I chose a collage to show the making of our Quiche (and not just the finished product). 

The only TV show we watched all week was Dollhouse (on Netflix), we liked it a lot but then we are kind of sci-fi nerds:) 

Right Side: 
More thinking outside the box with my food - I like how this crockpot picture turned out. Sometimes it's not just about the end product but how the food came about.

Yes, we did get a little snow, it was pretty but only lasted the weekend. And, by that next Monday it was 60 degrees (more on that next week)!

Love the MLK quote especially since that Monday was MLK day.

I used a Cathy Zielske Tiny Text Template to write about something that was on my mind during the week; my winter "chub." I was definitely in a food funk; it is so hard to get back to eating right after the holidays! 

If you just took quick look at this layout you wouldn't know that I had one of the worst weeks of call at work. This is where I really like the week in review cards: to write about the things that are not necessarily depicted in the photos. 

For the "I Am Blessed" photo I used one of Cathy Zielske's Tiny Templates but modified to fit a square photo and added the Instagram transparency from this template. I also used the same text from Instagram, no point in writing the same story in two different ways.

I really like it when I include pictures of us and want to continue to try to do more of that.  
Read below for a list of supplies:

Supplies Used: Project Life Seafoam Kit, Project Life Digital Template A, PL Amber Edition ArrowsCZ Tiny Text Template, CZ Labeled Photo Set No. 1, CZ Tiny Templates No. 4, CZ Week in Review Cards, AE Hello Winter Boxes, Lilypad 4x6 Collages, Date Stamps, AE Routines&Rituals, AE In the Kitchen 2.

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  1. Your food photos look great! WHen I take pics of our meals, it's just usually a quick snap and doesn't make it look very appetizing! Maybe I could work on that too!
    Also, great idea just using the instagram logo from Cathy's template!

  2. Haley, I seem to be addicted to Instagram, too! First I noticed most of my photos were coming from my iPhone. Now it seems I'm taking iPhone photos for Instagram. Love your pages!

  3. Again, another week of beautiful images and lots of great inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi Haley: First let me say I love all of your Project Life pages and your photos are amazing! Just a couple of questions regarding your 2013 pages... 1) Can you tell me what the 2 fonts are that you use for your quote cards? 2) Where did you get the template for the page or is it something you created? Thanks for sharing your pages and your life.

    1. Thanks for the compliments! Here are your answers:
      1) The two fonts are CK Cursive (find here: and Code Light (find here:
      2) The template I use for my pages is the Project Life Template A:
      Hope that helps! :)