Sunday, January 13, 2013

Project Life 2013: The Beginning (Week One)

So happy to be sharing the beginning of 2013 here. I started this year with some specific goals for my Project Life album. I listed my goals after the layouts for this week so you can get a feel for how I am going about putting together my pages this year.

Starting off with my Title Page:
There is not much to say about this page - just that I love it. Every time I look at it I smile! Everything here is from the Seafoam kit (which is amazing!) except for the monogram card and the word strips. The monogram card is from Cathy Zielske, you can find it here with a bunch of other Project Life freebies.

Moving on to Week One:

Can you believe that the washer ate my debit card? I had been wondering why our washer was squeaking more but just thought it was getting older :) I love that I found some photos on Jason's phone, they were from late december but since I have already put those pictures together I decided to include them here. I scanned in that Citizens of Humanity tag for my jeans, I like to include memorabilia as much as possible.

I decided include a quote card and a week in review card each week this year (see below). The "Happy New Year" card is from LeeLou blog's January desktop calendar - I thought it was beautiful. My husband organized our kitchen drawers this week; I am so lucky to have a man who helps so much around the house! We really enjoyed watching Les Miserables in the theater. Well, at least I enjoyed it; Jason likes the story a lot but doesn't necessarily love musicals. He made it through the whole movie without complaining though!  Week one, done.


Goal #1: More Uniformity
Last year I began the year with the Cherry (original) Edition but got burnt out from the colors after several weeks. I moved on and used different kits or supplies in my stash to complete my layouts. Though I love how most of them turned out they don't have a cohesive look. My plan this year is to use the Seafoam kit through the whole year. I am confident that I will make this work because there is so much neutral in this kit that I can easily use other colored elements to supplement my pages. Goals 2 & 3 kind of flow from this first goal:

Goal #2: Week in Review Cards

A nice summary of the week sounded like a good idea (last year I felt like I needed to have journaling to explain every photo so I hope this will cut down on the meaningless journaling). I will be using Cathy Zielske's Week in Review cards in a 3x4 slot each week.

Goal #3: Quote Cards
Ok, so totally copying Elise's 2012 PL on this one. I love the idea of using a quote that meant something to me during that time in my life. I plan to use a journaling card from the Seafoam kit for this each week.

Goal #4: Document each week from Monday to Sunday
I noticed that I bunch of people were starting to do this this year. At first I thought it might mess with my brain but so far so good! And I love having the weekend together.

Goal#5: Let the photos speak
Last year I felt that for some weeks I was worrying more about the elements sticking out than the photos. I want to get less caught up in the "frilly" and focus on beautiful photos. I am hoping that sticking with goal #1 will help with this.

Goal #6: Print layouts individually at the end of each month
This year I plan to print each 12x12 page as a single print, put it in a page protecter and then put them all together in a binder (I have the White Signature Binder). This will allow me to make inserts (eek!!). Once I get a few layouts and inserts printed I will show you how it looks :) Oh, and I will be using Persnickety Prints for all my printing needs.

Love that I have a "plan." Love that there will be more focus on my photos. Love Project Life!

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  1. Love your start to 2013 - I'm even more excited now to use the Seafoam edition after seeing yours! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. I absolutely ADORE your title page and your week one layout. Love, love, love. I am going to enjoy watching what you do here all year long:) Isn't it so fun being on the CT--I am over the moon with all of the digi goodies!

  3. Thanks for sharing....I am doing my first digital PL this year. I am using Seafoam edition I look forward to seeing your layouts! :)

  4. i love your cover page + week 1 layout - love the simplicity and how the focus is on the photos!

  5. Hi Haley. Your pages are awesome! I love how you changed the template for your title page to use that great photo of you and your husband. The weekly spread looks great, too. I like how you scanned in some every day stuff to round out your week. It's also great to see other digital pages with the Seafoam kit! I like your nice, simple look.

  6. Love your pages, and I love your idea to print your layouts each month! I've debating switching to digital simple because I don't want to wait until the end of the year, but that's a nice compromise I'll have to consider for next year.