My Photo Story

The Beginning
It all started back in January 2005 when I purchased my very first digital camera at the age of 15.
This is it:
Ever since then I have been taking lots of photos. I love, love, love photography! I have photos from each and every month from 2005 to now. My "plan" was always to get these photos into some type of albums "when I had time". Haha, like I would ever have more time than I did when I was in high school! As the years went on I kept all my photos very organized on my computer but aside from two scrapbooks (that I had to finish because they were 4-H projects), I never did anything with them. I was always waiting for that "perfect time." 

Digital Project Life

This year (2012) I decided I had better start or I would never get anything done. So I started researching what I wanted to do and I found out about Becky Higgin's Digital Project Life. Digital Project Life (PL) made the most sense to me because I was starting on my scrapbooking from scratch. I do not have a ton of supplies or fun embellishments sitting around waiting to be used. Going the digital route I could start right away with just one Project Life kit. 

Keeping up with the Present...
2012 Title Page
As I got started with PL I was amazed with all the resources online! There is so much great inspiration out there. I have benefited the most from the PL Creative Team. So as I read, and read, I kept seeing over and over that I needed to start documenting the present. I had (dumbly) thought that I should get all caught up (only seven years to do-haha) and then start on the present. Even though it was the middle of March I decided to start documenting my everyday life (and this is why you see here that I start with week 13). Twelve weeks later I am still loving it and keeping up!

...And the Past
2005 Title Page
As I have had time I have also been going back to my old photos and putting together PL pages for them. It is taking longer than I thought it would but you know what? I am ok with it taking forever! It is so freeing to know that I am keeping up with the now so I don't care how long it takes for me to get caught up with the past.

How I got started with Digital PL

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