Friday, February 1, 2013

Digital Project Life 2013: Week 3

Yes, I am late with this post. Before writing this up I tried to think of the excuses I would say... but then I realized that there are no excuses. The honest truth is that I have been lazy this week. I have went to work every day, made dinner, watched some TV then crashed on the couch. Seriously, I think I woke up on the couch at least three times this week, I don't know what's going on, I guess I just needed lots of sleep! Anyway, I am very sorry for my tardiness. Welcome to Week Three:

Totally enjoyed going mostly "neutral" this week and also had fun with lots of new AE brushes. Also, this week we ate a lot apparently, definitely doing a good job documenting the food! This month we are trying to eat less take-out and more at home. We did a good job this week and enjoyed it as well.

Left side: Started to exercise again after a long hiatus during the holidays. On Tuesday I had a really bad day. I know you can't read the journaling but I locked my keys in my car on a really cold day and had to pay $50 to get it unlocked! Nothing like throwing money to the mind because of stupidity. Yes, we really did have cake almost every day, it was the PW Coffee Cream Cake... DELICIOUS. I used a screenshot of the photo book I made my mom of her wedding photos, can't wait till it's finished and I can show her!

Right side: The usual quote card and "this week" cards are here. The quote is a verse I thought of after being convicted of trusting too much in my possessions instead of the Lord during Sunday's sermon. Our Pastor had asked if "I had had everything in this world taken away from me right now would I still trust in God and know that He is sovereign?"  Important things to think about. Next we have more food, the pancake picture is a template I used from Cathy Zielske.. so fun! On Saturday we went to a youth group fundraiser dinner with my sister and friends; it is always so great to visit!

Thanks for looking! Let me know if you have questions about anything.


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  1. oh oh! i have a question! it's completely unrelated to this post though. In a previous post of yours, you showed your shutterfly album that had been printed from 2005 I believe. In that post, you talked about resizing your layouts (to 95%) so they wouldn't be at the edge or cut off, and linked to a Jessica Sprague video tutorial. I've just started with digital this year - still learning as I go..... I'm using Photoshop CS5 because it's what my husband had already installed on our computer. I followed the instructions on how to resize a blank page that i hadn't started yet and it worked perfectly! However, I already finished a few pages, and forgot to do this step first. Now, for the life of me, I cannot resize them. I tried doing the same thing, holding the shift key, locking the layers, etc. and it just doesn't work. Any idea how to do that? Did you do all of yours before you started? sorry for such a random question, but I love your layouts and since you discussed it previously I thought i'd try asking! :)

    1. It was a little more difficult for me to resize the pages I had already done. I am pretty sure that with most of them I had to hold the shift key to highlight all the layers except for the background layer and it worked. It has been a while but I do remember some of them acting strange. I am sorry I can't be of more help!

    2. After playing with it some more, I finally figured it out. It was definitely trickier than doing it beforehand - so now i'm just trying to remember to do it before i start! :) Thanks though - good to know i'm not the only one who found it a little more difficult after the fact!

  2. All those food pictures are making me hungry <3 ! Thanks for sharing another great week with us.