Friday, August 23, 2013

2014 Planner | Lori Whitlock Creative Team

Hello! If you are visiting from Lori Whilock's blog, welcome. Today I am sharing with you the beginnings of the Lori Whitlock 2014 planner that I will make for myself. At the end of this post I have a tutorial so that you can make your own!

Here is how recolored and decorated my planner pages:
**Full disclaimer here: I am not very familiar with PDF files and Photoshop. This is how I used them, I am sure there might be easier ways out there :)

1. Open Planner PDF file in Photoshop. A window like this should appear:
Go ahead and select which page(s) you want to work on. I just selected one to demonstrate here. Click OK. This is what your file will look like once it's opened it Photoshop:

2. Next, we want the background to be white. The first step is to make a new layer:
Then, you are going to switch your layers so that your new layer is now your background. It should look like this now:
Now that your "layer 2" is the behind your document select the paint bucket (make sure white is your foreground color) and fill that background layer. Now the document should look like this:

3. Here comes the fun part: recoloring and decorating! I recolored the month text using the color picker and paint bucket tools:
I also added several elements from Lori Whitlock's For the Record 2 kit:

Go on over and pick up the 2014 planner right now! You have a long time to work on it and make it your own. Soon there will be an add-on kit released with divider pages and a cover!

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  1. haha I can't even get my step 1 to look like yours. When I try and open the file in PSE, it comes through as individual pages not facing pages together. How did you get it to do that? Thanks!