Sunday, August 25, 2013

Digital Project Life 2013: Weeks 31, 32, & 33

Finding excuses to not post these is becoming a regular habit for me. I decided today I will post this group then next week I might have a post with only one layout to share. Yes, I know, it has been a long time. I really have nothing to complain about, right? All the non-digital Project-Lifers have to take photos of their layouts then post them. 

After all that negativity I should add that I still absolutely love this project. Just this week I found myself behind on three weeks and felt a little overwhelmed. I decided to tackle a layout a day and wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am, I was all caught up! I love the memories documented, I love the creativity I can express, and I love pursuing my passion for photography. Ok, enough words... on to the layouts:

Week 31:

Things to note: Recently I have found myself taking less and less photos. I don't think that is a bad thing as I don't want to take pictures of things I don't feel passionate about. It just means that I have to be more creative with filling in the spaces in my layouts, a fun excuse to use more products! This particular week I filled in a lot of space with the Project Life Jade edition, it is quickly becoming my new favorite. This was my birthday week so I did take a lot of pictures that day but I included them in an extra insert. I don't want one theme taking up my whole layout.

Week 32:

Things to note: The left side of this week are all photos I took before Friday and then the right side are all pictures of our trip to Michigan from Friday to Sunday. The "I Own You" image is something a couple of people have posted on Instagram recently. Sometimes, after a nasty headache, I certainly do feel like coffee owns me. Since this was the first full week of August I included my usual goals and calendar journaling cards. My favorite photo is the one of Jason and I on the bottom right page; it was accidentally out of focus but I kind of like the look. Also, a couple of things on these pages are blurred for privacy.
Favorite supplies: Project Life Seafoam, Project Life Honey3x4 Photo Collages by Lili, Paislee Press 2013 Journal Cards

Week 33:

Things to note: I am kind of in love with the orange-ish theme here. I also love that picture of Jason and I right before our date night, I love him so much for putting up with my photo-shenanigans. I filled in space from three different Project Life kits (with a bit of recoloring). I even went without my usual date stamps on all the photos. My OCD-self wants all the photos to be in order and dated. However, my real life self knows that when I look back on these photos I will not care exactly what date they are taken on. Also, I am really appreciating the clean look of my photos this week without them. I know that running 3 miles might not sound like very much to some people but for me this is a big step. I feel like it has taken me such a long time to get into the groove of running again. Why was it so much easier when I was fifteen?
Favorite supplies: Project Life SeafoamProject Life Kraft, Project Life Midnight, 4x6 Photo Template No. 1, AE Say Yes Brushes, LW Flourish Brushes, LW Life Templates Set 13.

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  1. love the clean look of your project life! looks great!!!

  2. I love your pages Haley, and don't feel bad, post when you can... Real life is busy . Congrats on the 3mile run, well done... I wish I felt as good running now as I did when I was 13/14 too. I also have a salt addiction not on vegies...ok just potato, rice, pasta ok ok most carbs. I know I should use less but it's just so tasty. Thanks for sharing your weeks with us.

  3. I can totally relate to many things you posted about, like the OCD-ness of having to have your pictures in date order, or the fact of how it is SO much easier to post digital pages, than having to photograph, edit and post paper-scrapped pages! Ugh, saving the digital pages for web is enough for me! Haha!
    Love all your spreads, and the clean look to them. I do like the pictures without the date numbers on them better, although the ones with the date number weren't overly obvious, until you mentioned it and I went and looked back on them!
    Lovely pages :)

  4. Hi! I love your pages and your photos!
    Don't feel bad ;-) Sometimes I have the impression I spend too much time documenting my life. I know it's a hobby and I love it, but it's difficult to find free time in our busy real life
    You know what? I become hungry looking at your pages!!! :-)))
    Regards from Alicante (SPAIN)