Saturday, July 13, 2013

Digital Project Life 2013: Weeks 24-26

This post finishes up the first half of my Twenty-Thirteen Project Life and it feels great to have so many memories documented! June seemed to fly by because we (especially Jason) were so busy and I am so glad it is over. School took up way too much of my man's time (though I am thankful for how hard he works on it!).

Week 24

Things to note: This week I had several "celebrations" to document. I tried to use the same font and colors throughout to bring continuity. Since I am using the yellow title cards from the Seafoam edition I try to get in a bit more yellow. Not sure if it's my favorite but right now I am just glad the photos are on the page! I forgot to take pictures of two recipes that I had made so I included QR codes with links to the recipe's websites. 

Favorite supplies: Seafoam kit

Week 25

Things to note: I had a lot of fun using the Kraft edition for this week, the colors are beautiful! There are no faces in this week's spread but I am ok with that, I still feel like the week was properly documented. I continue to not put my pictures in chronological order and am liking the change, my OCD side is slowly getting over it.

Favorite supplies: Kraft Kit

Week 26

Things to note: For this week I used some Lori Whitlock Templates to show off some bigger photos. I went wedding dress shopping with my sister over the weekend and snapped some pictures but they are blurred out here because I would get in big trouble for showing them here!!

Favorite supplies: Lori Whitlock Life Templates Set 8 and 13

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