Sunday, June 23, 2013

Digital Project Life 2013: Week 23 + [another] Wedding!

Hello June! This week consisted of our anniversary and my best friend's wedding! Below my regular layout post are all the inserts I will be adding of the wedding photos. This was the last wedding for the summer for me so I promise there won't be more wedding photos in the near future :).

Week 23:

Things to note: I used two 4x6 sections for the big events this week. First, our anniversary (bottom of first page) and then my friend's wedding (bottom of second page). I enjoyed using that social media card to document Jason's Facebook post on our anniversary. I also included my monthly calendar and goal cards.

Wedding Pages: 
I made a whole extra layout for all the extra wedding pictures I took plus some extra inserts. This was one of my best friend's wedding and such a lovely day! 

5x7 Insert:

6x12 Insert:

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  1. Hi Haley, I'm wondering what your books look like when they're printed? I'm dividing my PL into 3 hardcover bound/printed books and looking for a little inspiration for the cover! Thanks, love your pages :)

    1. Check out these two previous posts:

      My 2012 books were printed through Shutterfly. However, for 2013 I am printing individual pages and putting them in a Becky Higgins Project Life Binder.