Thursday, April 4, 2013

Digital Project Life 2013: Week 12

I'm excited to share this week with you all! I diverted from my "normal" routine and love the end result. So, what is different? First, I didn't use a Design A template for both of my pages and I didn't place all my images in chronological order. You see, I usually take at least one picture everyday and one picture from each day normally gets a 4x6 slot on the page. This week I realized that I had a few days that I had several good pictures and then I had another day with one picture that wasn't very great. I had so much fun changing things up this week; it's funny how the weeks you think you have no creative "mojo" are the weeks that you end up loving the most!

I found this template designed by Lori Whitlock on and I love how it better accommodates  all the instagram pictures that I took this week. I used some journaling cards from the Seafoam kit to document a few stories and then used my regular date stamps on each photo. I added some text to each photo with the Ostrich Sans Rounded font.

RIGHT SIDE:On this side I used my regular template but didn't put my photos in chronological order. To document my Dad's birthday I used a card from this kit and added some text. The "captured" 3x4 slot is a template I made in Photoshop to hold my extra pictures from the week. Of course, I kept my regular quote and "this week" cards. 

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  1. Love that you are did PL with your Mum how sweet.... Being Australian I hope they have a wonderful holiday here.