Monday, April 8, 2013

Digital Project Life 2013: Week 13

This spread has quite a mix of photos: winter, spring, dessert, dinner, and people! I had fun bringing some brighter colors to include Easter. Yes, I have a lot more than just one photo of our Easter; I am putting together an insert that showcases the rest of them. 

Left Side:
All my easter elements are from this kit from Echo Park. I put a lot of text right on the photos and used a Cathy Zielske template for some extra food photos. 

Right Side:
I used two more Cathy Zielske templates on this side: one for some extra pictures and another for some text and a second snapshot of the shower we went to on Friday. On the bottom left photo I practiced my skills for text wrapping. Some things can be a little complicated in Photoshop but I am so thankful for the internet's help! And, I am very proud of my ombre eggs :)
These months seem to be going by so fast, I can't believe it!


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  1. Oh I'm so glad I'm not the only one with snow on my Easter Week pages! I was thinking about my PL album this morning realizing... we're a quarter done. wow.

  2. thanks for the inspiration!! where do you get your quote cards from?? Do you make them yourself? LOVE your pages!!

    1. For my quote cards I use a journaling card from the Seafoam kit and then put text on it in Photoshop. The fonts I use are CK Cursive and Code Light. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Haley, LOL at your hubby's favorite Pandora station! =) Love your pages as always! Btw, I noticed a few weeks back that you're in the PCA. We're also Reformed Presbyterians in the PCA.

  4. Great pages! I love the pops of colour. Your text wrapping looks great on the bottom left photo! Are you using full Photoshop?

  5. I'd love the homemade graham recipe we don't have them in shops Brisbane, Australia.