Sunday, March 24, 2013

Digital Project Life 2013: Weeks 10 + 11

Playing catch-up today as I've had to work two weekends in a row. My eyes are about dried up for the night so this post is going to be short + sweet. Please let me know in the comments if you have questions about supplies or anything else. 

Week 10:

Left Side:

Right Side: 

Week 11:

Left Side:

Right Side:

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. Don't forget about the HSN Project Life Debut beginning tonight and all day tomorrow. Visit Becky's blog for more information:

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  1. Thanks Haley! I was hoping for some fresh pages from you this week :) I loved finding another Project Lifer whose faith and church life are a natural part of her pages. You inspire me!

  2. Love how you journaled on the striped filler card = Awesome. Great pages as usual Haley. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  3. Love your style. You've provided me with much inspiration for PL. Curious what some of your favorite fonts are that you tend to use over and over. I'm also doing PL digitally and uploading to Shutterfly. Curious if you add text to pictures themselves or to layout once you have placed all your photos, as I'm still trying to get my work flow going. Also I'm trying to use Cathy's week in review card and it appears that the colored border is getting cut off when I place in template. Did you have any probs with that or do you resize them somehow? Thanks for any insight you might be able to provide. Wendy

    1. Some favorite fonts that I find myself using a lot: Adobe Caslon Pro, Sunshine in My Soul, Shipped Goods, Century Gothic (for journaling). For my quote cards I use Code Light and CK cursive.

      As for the text, I always add it after I have placed all my photos in my layout. That is just what make sense to me.

      My week in review card was getting cut off as well. I hadn't realized when I bought them that they were only designed for 4x6 and not 3x4. So, I made a 3x4 document and brought her "this week" text over. I wish she would have made a 3x4 week in review card though! It would have made my life easier :)

      Thanks so much for stopping by!