Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Project Life June 24-30 / Week 26

Another week in the books.  

Left Side: 
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This side is just pictures of finishing up my "week in life"  through Wednesday. If you missed my explanation about that read it here. Each day I tried to take a different picture of our feet to include and since I was doing such thorough documentation for the Week in the Life Album I didn't worry about including much on these pages. The bottom middle journaling card is a summary of my thoughts on Week in the Life. I had fun using a different template for a change on this page. 

 Right Side:
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I must admit, after taking over a hundred pictures a day for seven days in a row it felt weird to be back just taking a few photos. It was nice to be able to "relax" the picture taking a bit. I am sure my husband liked it too :) The top photos and journaling on this page are about the extremely HOT and DRY weather we have been having. I love the comparison picture of the watered grass and the non-watered.
The bottom half of this page includes pictures of my Friday and Saturday with my family. My brother and family are visiting from Australia this summer and it was so great to get some time with them this weekend.

Washi tape from this card and the one below is from Tip Junkie.
Find it here
This card is a freebie from Persnickety Prints that I recolored a bit in photoshop.
Find it here.
The lovely "drought" letters are an idea I copied from Cathy Zielske.
Find the tutorial here.
Oh, and the font is Avenir.

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  1. Hello there, it's my first time here, had to come see those photos of the shoes. I LOVE LOVE that idea, they came out great doing it digital.

    Cute second page also, happy times!

    Good for you doing WITL, I have done that also and it's nice to have the break when it's over.

    Enjoy your week.