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Project Life June 17-23 / Week 25

This week I went back to using the Project Life Original collection. Do you know what I love best about Project Life? There are no rules... I can do whatever I want to make it mine. So here is week 25:

Left Side:

Here it is broken down in screenshots:

Ok so for the title card I used some original edition paper and then add those fun "quip strips" from Lindsay Teague Moreno. I am not sure if they are still available though, I got them through her Facebook. Next we have the Christmas candy picture... yes it is the middle of June and I still have leftover Christmas candy. Back in December I put it in the freezer so that we wouldn't eat it all at one time then I kinda forgot about it :)

1. For the first 3x4 card I put a great quote on contentment that my friend had as one of her Facebook statuses... I really like this and maybe I will start to add a quote to each of my layouts? 
2. The next card commemorates our finishing Naruto's 220 episodes. We have since started Naruto Shippuden which has 242 episodes and counting. I am not sure I will make it that far though ;)
3. The "Thank You" from Persnickety Prints was an order I received from them that week - I thought it was so cute I just had to put in. 
4. And the last small picture there is of Jason's tea. He took that picture for me to put in here :) I love it when he likes to add things.

These last two pictures on this side are kind of weird but are parts of our lives that I wanted to write about.  Yep, I totally wrote about our toothpaste... no rules, right!? And the next picture is the inside of J's computer tower that he built, the red lights are pretty cool.

Right Side:


Yay! Finally a picture of people! That picture on the left is of my nieces and nephew at the airport - they made it here from Australia (with their parents too but the kids are cuter ;). We were so excited to see them! I think I might be able to spend more time with them this weekend and I can't wait. The bird element on that pic is from the Original Edition extra elements.
Ok, now I have some explaining to do about all these feet pictures that say "a week in the life". I wrote on one of my journaling cards to explain and here is what the text says: 

"Huh? What does this “week in the life mean”? The story goes like this: Ever since I started Project Life I have seen things for “week in the life” - it is pretty much a project life “on steriods” as one blog put it. However, when Ali Edwards (and everyone else) did their ‘week in the life’ back in April I just wasn’t ready to tackle it since I was still just getting started with PL. I did know, however, I wanted to do it before our next life change (Jason going to school and me going to second shift). I put it off until the “right” week would come. Well, on Wednesday night I was looking at my July schedule I saw that I have tons of call and will be gone a lot and in August I begin first shift. I thought uh-oh... I don’t know when I can do it! (I don’t like the procrastinator in me at this time). Then I thought, “why not just do it now?” It won’t be a “perfect” Sunday-Saturday but it will be a week documented in our life right now. And that is what counts."

So yeah, pretty much on the spur of the moment I decided to embark on this more extensive project for one week. As right now I only have one day left to document for the week in the life. I hope to share that album in a few weeks. For my project life layouts for these days I decided to do something really simple (since I will be doing in depth documentation in another album). Each day I took a picture of our feet in different shoes. Thursday's shoes were our running shoes.
Oh, and learn more about week in the life on Ali Edward's website.

These middle 3x4 cards are pretty self-explanatory: 
1. Weather (very warm and dry) 
2. Watching Eureka again (I think we might be nerds watching Eureka and Naruto... wait, I already knew that ;)
3. My week in the life journaling explanation 
4. Picture of Jason with talking on his iPhone all high-tech-like with his fancy headphones

Whew, I am proud of you if you have made it this far!
These last two pictures are the continuation of my simple "week in the life" pictures. Friday's feet were in our work shoes and Saturday's were bare because we were just chillin' that day.

Thanks for looking! 

 Products Used:

Mega Label Pack
Project Life Original Edition Full Collection
Dainty Swirls Brushes

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  1. great pages - they are really cool - I haven't figured out the digital aspect of scrapbooking yet but you make it look so wonderful.

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