Thursday, June 21, 2012

Vacation Memory Jar

Way back in February before we went on our trip to Australia I saw an idea for on Pinterest for a vacation memory jar.

I knew right away that I wanted to make one too! So while I was in Australia I snatched some sand and shells (with my Dad's help too) to save for my jar. It has only been 5 months and I finally finished it.
Here is how it turned out:

Originally I planned on using a picture of Jason and I on the beach but I couldn't find one that looked right. So I went with two of my favorite landscape pictures from our trip and printed them as a size 3x4 (at Persnickety Prints, of course!). It turned out more simple than I imagined but I think I like the "clean" look.

View from the back (other side of the cube shelf)
Now, only 500 more Pinterest ideas to complete... :)

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  1. I have viewed jars like this many times. They are always so crowded. When I saw yours I though.... brilliant! So beautiful, so clean, less IS sometimes more. Beautiful jar. When I'm through making my other 10,000 projects, I am making this with myvacation beach picture Thanks for sharing this. Keep em coming!!!!!