Monday, June 4, 2012

Photo Walk: Yellow

Sunday (yesterday) was such a nice day that I decided to go on a walk with my camera. Over on this blog (which is awesome, by the way!) I read about her photo walks and was inspired but didn't think that my surroundings were interesting enough to have a theme. Today my intention was to just take photos around my neighborhood. As I started to take photos I realized that there was a lot of yellow around and thus I decided to take it on as my "theme".
So here goes ...
The photo of the street with the sky has a tiny little yellow mustang in it. I know, not much yellow but the sky was so beautiful today I couldn't resist keeping it in. Oh, and the stop-light photo with the van... yes, I am nerdy enough to wait for the light to turn yellow to take a picture of it :) My favorite photo is the one of the yellow mail box.
A nice walk on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.

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