Saturday, June 2, 2012

A New Face

As you can see, I have updated a few things around here!

The new title reflects what I want this blog to be about: updating our life through pictures. I have always been better at pictures than words! You will still see words though so don't worry.

I now have two tabs: "Home" and "Project Life 2012" and as time goes on I hope to add more tabs.

Under the Project Life tab I will put all my recent 2012 layouts. I am a late bloomer and did not start Project Life until the end of March (most people actually start at the beginning of the year!). At first, I wanted to get "caught up"with all my old pictures and then start on the present. However, as I read more and more about getting started on scrapbooking I came to the realization that I must keep up with the "present" as I catch up on the "past". I am totally in love with the Project Life system and have been doing it for over two months now. I have been taking a picture a day (and sometimes more!) and documenting life like that. So far I have not struggled getting a picture a day so I think I will try to stick with that plan unless something drastic changes.

Have you never heard of Project Life? Go visit Becky Higgin's site here and learn all about it! I am doing the digital Project Life through templates purchased at

Let me know how you like the new look :)

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