Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Bread Wars

Twisty Ties. I mean, who uses those? They clearly take too much time to mess with, right? That was the way I was taught. However, my disciplined husband was taught to use the twisty tie. So I am learning... slowly. Jason said that there was moldy bread the other day and there was no twisty tie... I say its because the bread was old but he says the twisty tie is what would have saved it. Oh twisty tie, how you hinder me from getting my bread freely and with ease!

Next we have crust. Yes, below are the leftovers from my sandwich today.
I do not eat my crust. (gasp!)
Jason eats his crust.
I think this may become a problem if we have kids someday.
How are we ever going to resolve these battles?!

Needless to say, if these are the only conflicts we have right now I think we are doing ok :) It is funny to see two people trying to mesh their individual lives into one.

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