Thursday, July 28, 2011

3783 Apartment C

Here are a few pictures of our new apartment - we have almost been here two months! What happened to July?! The rest of the pictures I posted on Facebook so go there if you want to see more :)
This is what it looks like when you come in through the front door.

Dining Room

Yes, I know I said earlier that I would post pictures "soon"... but it takes a little while to get a place picture-ready. I had to get some new photos developed for frames and J so kindly hung up things on the walls for me. I am very thankful for our apartment, God has so richly blessed us.

What else has been up? Well, with working opposite shifts we haven't seen too much of each other so work has been the main thing we have been up to. On Aug. 15th I start second shift and I am excited to see more of my husband! Last Sunday we went to Kokomo for church and visited with my family. It was nice to be back in my "home" church and see people I haven't seen for a while. I was also able to go to Indy a couple times this month and visit my sis, Beth and her husband Brentt - I enjoyed having some time to catch up with them.  The main thing I should be doing is studying for my boards but I haven't... I am so bad!! But I am planning to get a good start on Saturday, I only have two months till I take my ultrasound boards!! Oh boy!!

Take a deep breath, Haley, and remember:

 "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me."

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