Monday, September 5, 2011

Be still and know

...that I am God.  I read Psalm 46 in my quiet time this morning and how calming that verse is to me. I can very easily get stressed and when I read those words I reminded to be still, calm and trust in the Lord. As I mentioned in the last post I am getting ready to take my ultrasound boards, and the closer it gets the easier it gets to freak out. But I will continue trusting and know that God is the one who will get me through!

Lets see... another month has passed. Some things we did:

For my birthday (Aug 4) Jason took me to a Muse concert! Muse has always been on my list of must-see-live bands. It was a great show and we had a lovely time (except we did have to admit that we are getting old because by the end of the show our ears hurt!!)

The awesome Matthew Bellamy
The following weekend we went to a Purdue CORPs Alumni cookout. I only took a few pictures of the guys playing soccer but the food and fellowship was great too :)

Work has been going well. I started second shift mid august and it has been nice for Jason and I to be in  more of a routine together. I have also started taking call once a week and some weekends, it has been interesting ;) Definitely a few sleepless nights! I will say there is a good reason that others that have worked at St. E in ultrasound call it "ultrasound boot-camp."

I discovered a new time-consuming website:  Oh my word, it is fun!! It has all kinds of ideas for cooking, organizing and DIY-ing. I made a couple of recipes from there this weekend. 

We are finishing up our long weekend, it has been nice for both of us to be off. On Saturday we went to my grandma's cottage on Lake Shafer with my family. We went jet-skiing, swimming, and ate yummy food. I actually got some sun :) 

Jason and I made grilled cheese pesto sandwiches with avocado salad for dinner.
I forgot to take pictures so the ones from pinterest will have to do. Yummy recipes!

I made this "snickerdoodle" cake for dessert.
(Another picture from pinterest)

On Sunday after church Jason's family came over and we hung out for the afternoon. We played settler's of Catan and went out to eat at Nine Irish Brothers.

Time to prepare the mind for work tomorrow:(

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  1. Hey! You totally have a blog!! (and yeah, I'm snooping around blogs at 10 in the morning when I should almost certainly be doing something else...)

    Also, Pintrest! I haven't had the time to get on there myself, but I had another friend say she loved it. Do you think I should give it a try?

  2. You should totally give Pinterest a try!! It is awesome!! But beware it is really addicting :)