Saturday, February 19, 2011

Its times like these time and time again

Time flies, it has already been a month since I have written on here. This is what we have been up to:

 - Jason began working first shift (instead of second shift) a few weeks ago! It has been nice to be able to see each other more in the evenings. I am getting a lot more sleep too :) Though, I think Jason is getting less, he has to be at work at 6:00am... not so fun.

-We have been listening to the Harry Potter audio books together. We are on Book 5 (Order of the Phoenix) right now. We like to work on puzzles while we listen to the books (nerdy, I know :)

The puzzle we are working on right now

- As a result of Jason being home in the evening we have had to add more dinners to our menu. Sometimes it is hard to be creative but I thankful to have a husband that likes to cook as well. A few weeks ago he made chile-rubbed pork loin with corn salsa (from our williams and sonoma cookbook) and tonight he made chicken chalupas (a favorite!). We have also tried cheese broccoli soup, crockpot lasagna, and eat quesadillas or grilled cheese a lot. Spaghetti is also something we experiment with.
Jason making his "gourmet" spaghetti (above).
Vindaloo spiced chicken with spaghetti (below).

- I got moved from PRN to part-time (20 hrs/week) at work, which is a praise... but it has been hard to get everything in: 24 hrs of clinicals, 20 hrs of work, 3 classes to keep up with and spend time with my hubby. Jason has been great with cleaning and doing laundry around here... I am so thankful for his help! I graduate in 79 days.. it can't get here soon enough!!

- Jason got accepted to St. Elizabeth's school of nursing in Lafayette! He will be starting in the fall of 2012.

- Last week I took Brentt and Bethany's engagement pictures. It was fun! Thanks to Brentt for making tracks in the snow for me to walk through.... I didn't wear boots :(. I posted more pictures on Facebook but here are a few:

- On Valentine's day Jason had to work first shift and I worked second shift, thus we didn't see each other. So the day after we went out to Applebee's. We also got each other a few gifts. Jason also surprised me at work with a pumpkin spice latte (yum!).
Heading out to Applebee's
(yes, that is the nicest restaurant in Logansport :)

- We started using today. Jason suggests Glitch Mob - an electronic band. It is pretty good :)

Today has been a rare day: Jason and I have both had the whole day off! We slept in, ate pancakes for breakfast, and cleaned up around the apartment. I also have been working on homework and Jason has played some Starcraft. 

Hopefully I will post sooner than in a month but I won't make any guarantees :)

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  1. love reading your blog, Haley. I didn't know Jason got accepted to St. E.
    Your cooking inspires me.