Monday, January 17, 2011

Evernote: my new best friend :)

Tonight I discovered Evernote and am SO in love!! I am a huge believer in lists, but I am always wasting paper with them and losing them. The solution to these problems: Evernote :)

Here are some things I organized with Evernote today:

"Recipes for Keeps" and "Recipes To Try"
I think eventually I would like to have all my recipes organized in Evernote. It so so easy to add them:
-From the Internet:  You can add a button to your toolbar on your browser that you click and it will automatically add a "clip" of the recipe you are looking at online to Evernote where you can then give it specific tags, change the name of the recipe, and add any notes to the text.
-"iSite": This connects Evernote to your webcam and will take a picture of anything you are holding in front of the camera - yes, even a recipe, and then archive it wherever you want it to go.
-Scanning: You can also drag jpeg and pdf files directly into Evernote - which means if you scan a hardcopy of a recipe it is easy to just drag it into Evernote and organize it accordingly.

"Usernames and Passwords"
I stored all the silly usernames that I made a list of in this folder... a nice way to keep them all together and easy to find!

"Wish Lists"
I this folder I added several notes things we would like to eventually get: Kitchen, Misc, and Ultrasound Review

"Current Grocery List"
I make a up grocery list here and can continue to add to it day-to-day... and then the cool thing is that there is an Evernote app on my iPod and I can get the grocery list from my iPod at the store.

I added a few other folders as well. It is so awesome to have everything in one place! Eventually I would like to have an iPad and get the Evernote app for it so that I can have all my recipes on there and have it in the kitchen as my main cookbook.

You really should try it, its free :)

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