Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Final Spring Break!

I promise I have been thinking about blogging for a while... but alas it always takes me a while to actually sit down and do it.

A few things I have learned over the past month:
 - Make sure you know how to work your toaster or you could end up burning your toast, smelling up your whole apartment, and smelling up yourself. Yes, this happened to me right before I had to leave for church!
 - When you have an assignment you need to send to your professor through email don't get it ready the day before it is due and save it in your drafts. You will forget that you did not actually send it and your assignment will be a few days late.
 - Realize that if you drink coffee to help you stay up and finish your presentation it will last longer than you wish - maybe even to 4 am when you need to get up at 6 am. Two hours of sleep is not healthy!
 - This one I learned today: If you go to the grocery with your husband and want to buy alcohol make sure you both have your IDs! We had to go back later because I did not have my ID. First time that has happened to us.

This week was my last spring break ever. It is weird to think that in six short weeks I will no longer be a student! Jason took the whole week off as well, it has been nice to spend time together. Here is the week in review:

Before we left I got a cavity filled, I had forgotten how awful that is :( Then we left for PA with Lindsay and Hannah. The six hour trip wasn't too bad and we got to Beaver Falls later in the evening. For supper we took Addie with us to Applebee's. The food was okay but as always not the best so I asked Jason if we could get some dessert so that we would end on a good note :) We got two dessert shooters - yum!
Hannah and Lindsay at a rest stop in the middle of Ohio

Jason and I at the rest stop

We had a nice time sleeping in and so took our time to get the day started. We ate "brunch" at Eat N' Park and then went to BFC&T for some coffee. Good thing we don't have a coffee shop like that here in Logansport - I would be going everyday!
Heath Mocha Latte 

After coffee we finally left for our adventures in Pittsburgh. We first went to the Ross Park Mall and shopped for a while. Jason got some new shirts at AE and I picked out some baby clothes for friends at work who are expecting at 77 kids. That store is fun - their kids clothes are so cute!! After the mall we went to the Mattress Factory which is an art museum. They had some really cool exhibitions. Check out their website here.

 For supper we went back to Beaver Falls and ate pizza at Pizza Joe's - something I have to do every time I come to Geneva. Addie, Trev, Lindsay, J, me, and some other people ate together. After pizza we went to see the Kings Speech - a great movie. Colin Firth was amazing!

Addie had a test the next day so after the movie we went to Starbucks to get her some espresso to help her stay up and study. Have you had Starbucks new cake pops? Very rich but definitely worth a try!
Cake Pops

Ate breakfast with Addie and Lindsay at the Geneva Cafeteria. Then we went back to the hotel and finally got to spend some time in the hot tub - so relaxing! For lunch Lindsay, Addie, Jason, and I went to Trevor's apartment and raided his cabinets for food. We found some soup, mac and cheese, and hamburgers. It was very tasty. On a side note, did you know that you could make good mac and cheese without the proper amount of butter? We had to put butter "spray" and some cream cheese in but it was still good! With that we ended our fun in PA and headed back home to Indiana.
All of us at Trevor's apartment (he is taking the picture)

All morning Thursday was spent doing laundry, straightening, and unpacking. I had to work at from 3 to 7 that evening. Friday I had to work as well but after work we went to the Charley Creek Inn with other couples from church for a night. What a beautiful hotel! It made the Holiday Inn that we stayed in in PA look like nothing. We had a nice evening socializing, eating mexican food, and enjoying our fancy room. This morning (Saturday) we ate breakfast at the restaurant in the hotel and then went on a tour of a local historic home.
Our room at the Charley Creek Inn

It was a busy break but very nice to have my mind off of school for a little while!

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  1. I am so glad you came out to Beaver Falls. It is always so much fun hanging out with you and Jason. Thank you so much for the pizza and Applebees!!