Monday, March 4, 2013

Digital Project Life 2013: Week 8

You know how some weeks come together better than others? This was one of those weeks that came together so easily, I had so much fun... and maybe went a little overboard with my Ali Edwards brushes! :) 

Left Side:
About the photos: 
My favorite picture on this side is the one of my mom and I with her Project Life album. I got her the Clementine edition for Christmas and we began to put it together this week. We decided to begin at the beginning... in 1975! It was neat to have her write the stories of her and my dad meeting and their engagement story as well. Love how Project Life makes scrapbooking approachable!

For the bottom right photo I used the "Self Timer" app on my iPhone.

Another thing I find myself using again and again are the Cathy Zielske templates. Could I probably make templates myself in photoshop? Yes, but these are just so convenient and quick! Totally worth it.

Supplies used: 

Right Side: 
About the photos:
Mostly iPhone photos on this page as well. I used my self timer app again for the photo on the bottom right - yes, that photo might have been staged but I really did take a nap right before then :)

Funny story about the "homemade" photo (top left): Jason told me to go ahead and double the recipe. Little did he know that he would be eating the same food for the next five days! It was good but we definitely don't want any ham mac and cheese anytime soon.

Supplies used:

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  1. Haley, I love seeing your pages! You really have a great style!

    On a side note - do you send your photos out to have printed or do you use a printer at home? I am looking at different printers and wondered what you used?
    Thanks for sharing your awesome pages!

    1. I send my 12x12 pages to be printed at Persnickety Prints. Last year, I kept all my pages together on my computer till the end of the year and then put them all in a digital photobook through Shutterfly.

  2. Your poor knee! Love that you have started your Mum with her own PL kit. I also do semi set up shots like your sleeping one as if someone else took the photo... So I get in some photos each week !