Saturday, November 10, 2012

Project Life Oct 28 - Nov 10 + Extra Pages

Oct. 28 - Nov. 3/Week 44: 
The majority of my pictures are from my iPhone this week. Some weeks that is just the way it goes.. I am sure without my phone this project would be a lot harder! This week was a busy one for both of us as Jason had five exams and I had to work two long days out of town. Plus, on that Saturday (after we ate lunch with my sister) we spent the whole day cleaning and preparing food for people coming over the next day.
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Nov. 4 - 10/Week 45:
I was the baking queen this week! On Sunday we had a bunch of people over and then later in the week we had a dessert carry-in at work (for Rad-Tech week). Not to mention the recipes I made for just us. I love the weather screen shots I got - this fall has proved to be so erratic; it gets cold, it gets warm, it gets cold, etc. This weekend was a lot more relaxed than last and I was so thankful for the rest.

Week 45 Extra Pages: 
I loved the flowers Jason got me and am so thankful that I can take pictures to remember them. I really like the idea of having all my pictures in one album so when there are extras I just make extra pages. Since I had a lot of pictures of my cinnamon rolls I decided to fill the second page with them.

Sept 7 Extra Pages: 
Way back in September was our family reunion and I am just now getting these extra pages put together. In my defense, I had to wait for the pictures to come to me... but then I just kept putting it off :)

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  1. What great pages Haley, love the look of those cinnamon rolls ..yum! Us Aussies are always people's favourites ;-) hope your family liked their presents. Thanks for sharing your weeks with us.

  2. Beautiful pages. All the food pictures make me really hungry. The electronic recipe book is so clever.

  3. your food pictures made me drool a little :) Great layout!