Saturday, October 27, 2012

Project Life / October Edition!

Maybe I should just scratch ever trying to do weekly posts... posting a bunch at a time is seeming to become a habit! Today I have four weeks to share so bear with me.

SEPT 30 - OCT 6:
This week is a hodge-podge of several things. I had been wanting to get a good picture of J and I for a while so that Sunday I decided to take one and t turned out pretty good considering it was taken with a timer! I also am trying to document my Christian walk - the ups and downs - and how the Lord gets me through it all. I included a snippet from Sunday's sermon as well. The first two pictures on the right page speak "fall" to me - those cookies were delicious! The last picture is documenting my Grandma's battle with cancer. It is hard to know how to properly document something so sad (more on that next for the next week).

OCT 7 - 13:
This is the week that my Grandma passed away. It took me a while to put these pages together - I wanted to be able to remember these days but also respect my Grandma's life properly. She was the closest person to me that I have ever had pass away. I was so thankful for family - that we could all go through this together. I still miss her but I truly know she is happier now with God.

OCT 14 - 20:
Have you noticed the weather screenshots? Last week I had a 28 degree one, this week a 68 degree one, and the next week I have a 43 degree one! Oh Indiana, how you like to be unpredictable with your  weather! Nothing too exciting this week - I do love how all the green came together (my fave color:). Oh, and I am sorry about that "leftovers" picture - definitely not appetizing! I promise that the food tasted better than the picture shows.

OCT 21 - 27:
I love the kit I used for this week! Sometimes I think I need to be more "subtle" but I can't help that I love bold colors! When I use kits like these my layouts come together so much smoother. I definitely have a lot of food pictures but I think it is fun to document the recipes we use and the food we eat. Haha, on Friday we watched Eclipse (Jason's request since he hadn't seen it) - as always, the story is okay but the acting is pretty much hilarious.

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse at my October. Can't believe that November is next week! (I feel like I am  always saying that though... I guess it is time to start to realize that time is always going to go fast).

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  1. What a great set of weeks memorialized . Sure your Grandma would of been so proud of all her granddaughters wearing her rings at the viewing.