Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

It is my first Christmas as a married woman :) I must admit, I really wasn't looking forward to this day because I knew I would be alone for most of it. Well, Jason had to work today which left me here all by myself.... and I can't go visit my family because they are in Iowa and I can't go visit the Jason's family because they are Michigan. However, much to my surprise, it has been a nice day.

This morning Jason and I slept in, ate homemade cinnamon rolls (made by me), and had yummy lattes (made by J). We then opened presents while listening to the pandora "Christmas Jazz" station (Jason's pick :). I got Jason a book by D.A. Carson and he got me a nice american eagle sweater. After that we worked on our puzzle and listened to the first CD of the third Harry Potter book. Then we ate lunch and were able to squeeze in an episode of Lost before Jason had to leave for work.  I am going to have dinner with him at Woodbridge this evening, which will be fun as well :)

Cinnamon rolls
Our tree

Puzzle.. getting closer to being done!

Though I am sad to miss the Fisher christmas (the first one I have missed in my whole life!), I am thankful  that I had a nice morning with my husband and a nice afternoon of relaxing. I am blessed.

Oh, and wasn't it nice to have a white christmas this year?!

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