Sunday, May 26, 2013

Digital Project Life 2013: Weeks 18, 19, + 20

Another big post here for you. We went on vacation in the middle of May and had a wonderful time (see pictures below). Hope you enjoy this little snapshot of our lives over the last few weeks.

WEEK 18:

Things to note: The usual "goals" and calendar card are here for the first month of May. I purposely made my goals a little more relaxed since this is the month we are went on vacation. The main goal was to RELAX :). I included a couple of screen shots from my iPhone: the one on the first page is of my Starbucks app - I love that I can pay with my phone! The second one is of the weather from the Solar app - I love how stylish it is! (Of course my husband thinks it's silly!!)  Another thing I did this week is put simple text on each of the photos. I like how it helps the layout look uniform. 

Favorite supplies: Seafoam kit, CZ tiny templates.

WEEK 19:

Things to note: You know how you have weeks that just don't feel "right"? This is one of those weeks, I don't love the arrangement or the layout very much but hey, it's done. I think some of it had to do with the fact that I put half of the week together before vacation and then finished the rest of the week when I came back.

WEEK 20:

Things to note: This is vacation week! As you can tell, not many photos or journaling. I kept it very simple and used only my favorite photos because I have already made a Shutterfly photo book that is 80 pages long of all my photos from the trip. I used Lori Whitlock templates this week because I love the options I have with them.

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  1. Great Pages Haley, my hubby is doing Tough Mudder in Brisbane and he's a bit worried too especially as he's not started much training for it!

  2. and your week 19 was my favorite layout of the 3 for me :) the blue/green/white color scheme just worked together beautifully. I loved the way you used the arrows on your 'hello vacation' pics - used that on my week 21!

  3. Your blog is amazing!!! I am just starting this journey. I bought like..mmmm....12 core kits from PL (physical format) and wasn't digging it. I've decided to cross over into the digital world but was worried I wouldn't like that either. Your style is awesome and has inspired me to finally start this!!!