Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Digital Project Life 2013: Week 17

This week was pretty much about my brother's wedding. You don't see many pictures here from his special day but come back on Monday to see a whole separate layout of just wedding pictures!

On this side I used three Seafoam journaling cards and one from the Midnight edition (far left). I love the series of images on the bottom right here - it's totally sad how many times I had to repeat that video... and it still wasn't great. Yeah, I'm totally not meant to be in front of a camera! I added a few green embellishments on this side to tie in the green on the right side page.

The top two images on this side are from the rehearsal dinner and wedding. I got the picture of the wedding party off of the photographer's facebook page and left her logo on there so she would get credit. The large 4x6 middle journaling card is from Lori Whitlock's 4x6 Life Card Brush set. I love how it turned out here and really enjoyed having plenty of room to type out the wedding details. The bottom two pics are pretty self explanatory, I think. Of course, for my quote card I had to put something about love ;) (and I know there is a spelling error, I promptly went back and fixed it once I noticed).

I really didn't take very many pictures this week and was a little worried about it. However, I think that less might be more! I really like how clean this layout turned out; here's to not worrying so much about taking so many photos!

Don't forget to come back on Monday for more wedding pictures!

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  1. Love your pages!! I snagged a wedding photo from Facebook this week too (not a professional one - just one that someone had taken of my daughters!). That is so awesome to include that whole series of images on the left hand page - bummer you had to redo the video so many times!

  2. Love your pages but I especially adore the right side with all the wedding details so clean and fresh !