Monday, April 29, 2013

Digital Project Life 2013: Weeks 14, 15, & 16

It's been a busy April and though I have kept up with my Project Life layouts I have neglected to find time to post them! I've been going through some transitions at work and my brother's wedding was just last week. The good news is I have three whole weeks to share with you today.

WEEK 14:

Things to note: This was the first week of April so I included my goals for the month and my usual paislee press calendar card. Definitely feel like there is a "hodge podge" of photos this week... but the important thing is that the moments are documented ;)!

Favorite supplies: I used Lori Whitlock's Life Card brushes on the second page (for the bank trip and nightshift cards). I really like them and think they add a little more character to my journal cards!

WEEK 15:

Things to note: I didn't take one picture with my dslr this week, I've been getting lazy! Love that I got a picture of Jason and I's faces in :) 

Favorite supplies: I used another Lori Whitlock's Life Card brush on the first page (for on working nights card). I also used a couple Cathy Zielske templates on the second page and one on the first page - love being able to get more photos in!

WEEK 16:

Things to note: Still no dslr photos! These two weeks are the ones where I had weird hours at work and it definitely makes it harder to take photos. I don't know how I took so many photos last year when we both worked second shift! Jason took a few photos this week (I didn't even ask!); they are included in the "our friday" 3x4 card on the second page.

Favorite supplies: The "theme" of this layout is mainly from Lori Whitlock's Sweet Memories kit. I plan on inserting the scrapbook page I made from that kit in this week's layout. I used three Cathy Zielske templates this week as well!

Thanks so much for looking! I apologize again for my hiatus.

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  1. Good to see you back in blogworld again :) How great is it to feel spring sunshine and start feeling like we might be able to spend time outdoors again?

  2. Mom was here. Always a highlight of my week, reading your blog and seeing your pics.

  3. Love seeing your pages Haley, don't apologise... Real life is what makes these pages... Even if they are a little slower coming. Just wanted to say I was so impressed with your photos especially as you said they were mainly from your phone!

  4. As I look through all of your PL pages, I love all the quote cards. Do you make them yourself or did you find them somewhere? Thanks!

    1. Thanks! I make them myself. I use the CK Cursive and the Code Light fonts. Both are free. I usually find my quotes from things I read during the week, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. I try to take a screenshot and save the quote to my desktop so that I have several to choose from when the week comes. I use a journaling card from the Seafoam Project Life kit to put the text on.