Saturday, September 15, 2012

Project Life August 26 - Sept 8 / Weeks 35 & 36

It has been a crazy two weeks so my pictures had to take the back burner for a bit. I did get all caught up and finished with these earlier this week but was just too lazy to post! Today is my first day off and home in three weeks so I thought I would do a catch up post... welcome to weeks 35 and 36:

This week marked the beginning of working out with Insanity - keeping up with working out five days a week is something I have never done before but so far so good :) 


I had fun getting "scrappy" with this title card.

Homemade real-fruit and yogurt smoothies are the BEST.

Thankful for the iPhone's several alarms :)

I was so nervous about starting Insanity.. no, I'm not the best at it but it sure beats sitting on my butt!



Who doesn't get excited about 150 dollars back?

Lots of working and call-taking in September.

I think this movie might be the first chick-flick that Jason and I BOTH enjoyed. So fun!

It had been about 10 weeks since I had had a hair cut - it felt great. I go to Kokomo to get my hair done and always get to visit my Mom while I am there. We had a nice visit this day.

For working so hard on call Jason let me get a Wacom tablet! I really like it and practiced some with it on this layout. Even though I don't love my handwriting I do feel like it is important to include it.

This was such a busy week!! Don't you love this freebie kit from Persnickety Prints?!

If you look closely at this picture you can see a rain drop splashing on the railing.

I included one journaling card that summed up how crazy the week was (left). The journaling card on the right explains our reasoning for take-out this week... oh and how hard it is to eat healthy when you are eating out!

The card on the left is the countdown timer I had for the weekend I was on call for 48 hours straight - this timer kept me going! On the right is a quote from Jason that I really hope my mom will love - us kids always, always make fun of how she eats corn on the cob and it turns out I'm not much different :)


I really feel like blurring this picture out so the internet doesn't get to see my crazy hair and face - but it is true to how I felt so I left it - please forgive me.

Trying to make healthier dinners - this tilapia was delicious!

Have I ever told you how much I hate packing?? I am the biggest procrastinator when it comes to it - I think this was around 11 on Thursday night.

Isn't that owl so cute? Isn't our car so disgusting? That is what happens when you drive in the rain on a dirt road. Once we got home on Sunday Mike's Car Wash was our first stop.

The card on the left tells a little what we did in MI over the weekend. I love the picture on the right, taken with my iPhone. It is the view right of my in-laws' pond - beautiful.

The five hour drive wasn't too bad - for me at least. I didn't have to drive :)

Happy Birthday, Grandma Audrey!

And thats it! Maybe next week I will be on time with my Project Life post! Thanks for looking :)

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  1. Always great to see The Ney Life! in pictures! I especially like the part about having a nice visit with your Mom - of course :) - Aunt Becky

  2. What a great couple weeks layouts, thanks for sharing them.

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