Wednesday, May 2, 2012

After a long pause, I am back!

It turns out that days without school don't go by as slowly as I thought they would. Life has been busy! Lets see, what happened since then? Thanksgiving, Taking last Ultrasound Board, Christmas, Australia!, Working, Working, Working.

Day Zero goals accomplished since the last post:
(Read about my Day Zero project here)

#10 - "Try at least 2 foods that I never had before" (01/11/12 - Sushi and 02/12 Kangaroo)

#12 - "Make specially decorated cookies (Christmas 2011)

#23 - "Organize school papers and binders" (12/10/2011 - pitched and organized!)

#31 - "Highlight or dye hair" (January 2012)

#43 - "Pass RDMS Abdomen boards" (12/04/2012)
#49 - "Travel to Australia" (02/13/2012 - 03/04/2012)

#69 - "Pay off Sallie Mae Loan" (04/2012)
#74 - "Lose 5 lbs" (02/2012)
#75 - "Stick to 1200 calorie plan for one month" (01/2012)
#92 - "Make a list of why I respect Jason" (Valentines Day 2012 - 52ReasonsILOVEYOU)

#97 - "Get comfortable using my old digital SLR away from auto mode" - (02/2012)
#47 - "Update Resume" (04/2012)

Projects in Progress:
#64 "Scrapbook from 2005 till now" - As of right now I am in June of 2005 and keeping up with the current. Now that I have started I think I should have made each month of each year a goal :) Which brings me to say that if the only other goal I accomplish of over the next few years is this one I will be ok with that. I am really enjoying getting my pictures together on digital pages. Here is an example of what I have been doing. This is April 2005.
(Layout templates from Becky Higgins through

Here is a current 2012 layout:

Interesting tid-bit for today:
While taking pictures of the cookies I was making yesterday I was in my kitchen using its man-made light. Then I decided to move to a window to get some natural light. Wow, the difference is incredible and now I wish I had a window in my kitchen. It seems that even in Photography what God makes is always better than what we can make!

Kitchen Light
Ick, so yellow and blurry!

Natural Light
Much Better.

Natural Light + Tripod
P.S. Don't laugh at my peanut butter cookies! I tried using a fork to press them down but it was taking so long. It turns out that a potato masher does the job quickly... it just makes your cookies look a little funky!

Jason went part time at work last week. It has been nice for him and me! He does SO much around here now that he has more time, I am so very spoiled. He will be part-time until he starts full-time school in the fall when he will quit. Work for me has been hectic, to say the least.
Life is full, life is good. I thank the Lord for bringing me through each new day. 

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